EARN/PEAT Checklist for Employers: Facilitating the Hiring of People with Disabilities

EARN/PEAT ‘Checklist for Employers: Facilitating the Hiring of People with Disabilities Through the Use of eRecruiting Screening Systems, Including AI’.

More and more companies recognize that a workforce representative of the population at large results in a more effective and innovative organization. Reflecting this, many are taking proactive steps to increase the recruitment, hiring, advancement, and retention of individuals with disabilities. At the same time, eRecruiting systems, including artificial intelligence (AI), in the workplace are becoming more commonly used to screen candidates, streamline the application process, provide training, disseminate information to employees, and increase productivity. This requires employers to consider whether the use of eRecruiting screening systems facilitates or impedes the hiring of qualified individuals with disabilities. This checklist highlights questions and issues that leadership, human resources personnel, equal employment opportunity managers, and procurement officers entering into contracts with vendors regarding the content of eRecruiting (including AI) screening tools should consider.