About us

The Disability Ethical AI? Alliance (DEAI) was founded by Susan Scott-Parker OBE at Scott-Parker International with IBM and Oxford Brookes University Institute for Ethical Artificial Intelligence.

We came together as an informal thought leadership initiative because we saw the need to persuade the global AI industry and associated influencers that disability – intrinsic as it is to the human condition – ‘matters’.

Our allies and supporters now includes: Atos, Simmons & Simmons, The ILO’s Global Business Disability Network, Face Equality International, The World Bank, The Australian Employers Network on Disability, Zero Project, The Inclusive Design Research Centre (Canada), The European Disability Forum, PurpleSpace, Genius Within, G3ICT, Centre for Democracy and Technology (CDT), Lisbon University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 50 Million Voices, MyAbility, New York University, Evenbreak, EMBED and the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Funding and support

The DEAI is currently a pro-bono project. We are extremely grateful to Robert Wemyss for his support in creating this website and to IBM for their contribution towards the cost of promoting the work of the alliance.

For more information about alliance membership and / or funding opportunities please contact Susan Scott-Parker at: [email protected]

Our Alliance Members